Clothes Hanging


To order a commission please use the contact form below with details of the garment you’d like, materials, colours, style and embellishments etc. Just putting ‘custom corset’ isn’t very helpful for me to asses what you want made. 

Due to the sustainable ethos of my brand some styles cannot be recreated, either fabrics aren’t available or I’m not able to remake it. I also will not recreate other brands work, this is my brand and the commissions will still fall in line with my designs and ethos. 

Custom corsets prices start at £130 and the prices increase dependant on complexity of design or fabrics. Other garments pricing are dependant on the piece, but please feel free to get in touch with questions.

Please be aware that as I am a one person brand and I can only take on so many customs, once I’ve reached my limit I will close the inbox and it may take a while for me to get back to you.

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