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Movement. Renewal. Rebirth

And once you go through, you can't come back

But it's not death either 

It's another life 

Another World

Rosie Evans Collection 6

Creative Direction - Rosie Evans

Photography - Chiara Privano

Film Photography - Abigail Rigby

Video Editing - Rosie Evans

Embroidery Artist - Aethena Anemeth

Jewellery - Lady P 

Rings - NOKI x Karthur 

Print Designer - Boycott Polyester

PR - Hundreds Showroom

Art Direction - Abigail Rigby

Choreography - Kimberly Kaye

Models - Kimberly Kaye & Imara Williams 

Casting - Scouted by Freya

Assistants - Han Ellis, Caitlin, Hannah Steel

Music - Birds O Paradise by 4ortress

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