Good Neighbours are a blessing


Made from a vintage souvenir tea towel, this bad seed bodice lets everyone know you love your neighbour and would be great as a moving day outfit. 


Laces at the back but could be worn with the lacing on the front if you didn't require as much shaping in the bust. 


Very small mark by the lacing but pretty unnoticeable, the price has been lowered to reflect this.


Measurements taken when laced fully closed,

Waist 34" bust 42" but would fit a bigger size if you had more of a corset gap in the back

Good Bad Seed top Size Large

  • Dryclean or Hand wash only, use a gentle handwash soap or dissolve a washing tablet in warm water and hang out in a ventilated area to dry. 

    Do not tumble dry or iron the product, I use plastic boning and heat may melt the plastic. 

    To best preserve the shape of the corset either hang up or lay the item flat when storing. 


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