Patch Unicorn Skirt

Patch Unicorn Skirt

Why must you always speak in riddles?


Inspired by my favourite childhood film The Last Unicorn, this patch work wrap skirt is made from upcycled upholstry sample books and vintage tapestries making it as sustainable as possible. 

Wraps and ties at the hip and sits at the mid waist and comes to mid thigh.


Made to order, 2-3 weeks manufacturing time plus shipping, please be aware that wait times can be longer when demand is high. 

Avalible in sizes small, medium + large, for measurments please refer to the sizing guide in my shop section. 

  • Care Info

    Hand wash, dry clean or wash on a very low heat with caution. Because of the patchwork textile and raw hem fibres can come loose so handle carefully. 

    Skirt can be ironed but use a low heat

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