Sagittarius Blue Vest

Sagittarius Blue Vest

Bear me no ill will, for I was born under the sign of the centuar.


Inspired by fishermen jumpers and the best astrological sign, this hand knitted blue vest is made from locally sourced UK 100% wool, in a soft cream aran and fluffy royal blue mohair. 


As the vest is hand knitted and made to order it can take 3-4 weeks to produce, this means the vest is very limited. 

Avalible in unisex S/M or Large, the knit its fairly stretchy and has a cropped fit which measaures 17" from shoulder to hem.

To order a xl or large size please use the custom order form. 

  • Care info

    Hand wash the vest in tepid 30c with a soft detergent, be carefull not to stretch or misshape the knit. 

    Never put on a high temp cycle or tumble dry as this will cause the wool to shrink and felt. 

    To dry wrap in a towel and roll to squeeze out water, then hang in a well ventilated area, never on direct heat. 

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