Story Knit Jumper

Story Knit Jumper

There's a way back from this 


The one of a kind Story Knit, handknitted by me using vintage and donated yarns, knitting intarsia patches and working the pattern around them in an organic and kinetic method of production. 

Fits a with an oversized boxy fit in a red chunky tweed, with fluffy mohair sleeves and aran and mohair intarzia pannels. 


One size only. Uk Medium, model is a XSmall

  • Care Info

    Hand wash the vest in tepid 30c with a soft detergent, be carefull not to stretch or misshape the knit. 

    Never put on a high temp cycle or tumble dry as this will cause the wool to shrink and felt. 

    To dry wrap in a towel and roll to squeeze out water, then hang in a well ventilated area, never on direct heat. 

  • Returns Policy

    The return warranty on purchased items covers major manufacturing defects (not including minor aesthetic imperfections) within 14 days of recieving the item. It does not cover misuse or accidental damage by the customer, loss or theft. 

    Return shipping costs will be covered by the customer.

    To contact me about returns please use the contact form, quoting your number order and reason for return

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