Velvet Rabbit Blouse

Velvet Rabbit Blouse

Once you become real, you can't become un-real again.


Patchworked together from hand dyed organic cotton muslin, the Velvet Rabbit Blouse is a soft loose fitting shirt with puffed sleeves and a slot neckline. Perfect for wearing under corsets or on it's own. 


Due to the nature of the hand dyeing process colour shades and fabric treatment may vary. Each patched blouse is made by patching leftover muslin pieces to be as sustainable as possible so the patch pattern will vary but that's part of the charm. 


Avalible in sizes small, medium, large please refer to sizing guide for measurments.

Each blouse is made to order with wait times being 3 + weeks plus shipping.


To request an order please use the custom order subbmission form, please be aware that due to high demands I may not be able to accept the order

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