Winning Place Corset

Winning Place Corset

It's the taking part that counts


Made from upcycled marathon ribbons, collected by my aunt over the years, and vintage craft ribbons, the Winning Place corset is a fully boned corset top, using the leftover recycled plastic boning.

The shape is reminisent of Elizabethan stays, pulling you in at the waist and giving you a straight front and the ribbons flare over the hips beautifully. Lined with a vintage deadstock gold silk and laces at the back. 


Due to the ribbons being vintage and donated, colours and styles of the ribbon may vary and the corset is in very limited numbers.

Avalible in sizes xsmall-xlarge please refer to sizing guide for measurments.

Made to order with wait times being 4 + weeks plus shipping.


To request an order please use the custom order subbmission form, please be aware that due to high demands I may not be able to accept the order

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